Sgt Guy E Blakely (Ed) Birth 10/26/1917 - Died 08/02/1964

Sgt Guy E BlakelySgt Guy Edward Blakely was born in Kansas and had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Ed lived in WaKeeney
until he went into the service. Ed and brother and sisters Ed loved fishing and walking in the nature. Ed had many friends during his highschool years. Ed joined the Air Force on April 1, 1942 at Fort Riley, KS where he completed his basic training.
On the right pic of Ed, Beverly, Norma, Dorothea, Pat (siblings) and nephew Douglas taken in 1950. His brother John was unable to attend.
Blakely was eventually assigned to the Thieme crew as a gunner and assistant radio operator. Guy married his sweetheart Betty on April 1, 1943 in Lincoln, Nebraska, before the crew training for the B-24 liberator. Guy and Bettie had four children, 3 boys and a girl (Two of the boys are now deceased).
When the Thieme crew was shipped overseas, Sgt Blakely was on board the B-24 named "Betty Ann" when it experienced engine trouble. Guy and the other crew members bailed out over Morocco. Blakely was badly injured breaking both of his Ed fishing in 1940.ankles. He spent the nightSgt Guy Blakely in the desert and was finally taken to a hospital in Cairo. (See the story of the "Betty Ann" crash on the Gilbert Malrait page). Blakely was later transferred to a hospital in Pawling, New York, where he recuperated from his injuries. He never rejoined the Thieme crew in Italy after this incident but was instead stationed in Washington State and assigned to fly old planes to the "graveyard". After he retired from the Army Air Force, Guy flew a Guy Edward Blakelycrop-dusting plane and was a projectionist in a movie theater in Pasco, Washington. He died suddenly on August 2, 1964 from a heart attack , Guy is buried at Desert Lawn Memorial Park Benton County, WA. Later his sons Ricky (10/04/1952-10/16/2002) and Ronald Blakely (10/07/1947-02/04/1991) were also buried beside him. His wife Bettie followed him in death in 2009. Sgt Guy Blakely is still remembered by the Blakely family as being a gentle and brave man and adoring husband.
Guy E Blakely in the fiftiesHis sister Patricia said the following about her brother after my contact with her:

"The picture you sent is a wonderful likeness of him and it reflects his wonderful smile and disposition."
"I very much appreciate what you are doing to honor these servicemen. My brother was a very special person to all of us."

Sincerely yours,

Patricia B. Beeby

Photos of Sgt Guy Blakely his service in the USAF during WWII.

On the first and second photo beside Ed is standing B-25 pilot LT Arthur G. Chalk who was MIA in Burma on the February 09, 1946 and his name is on the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery in Manila, Philippines.

Sgt Guy BlakelySgt Guy BlakelySgt Guy E. BlakelySgt Guy Edward BlakelySgt Guy E. Blakely

Here some photos of Ed on his wedding day April 1, 1943 together with his wife Betty and his mother before going overseas.

Ed and Betty on their wedding dayWedding day April 1, 1943Guy Blakely and his motherEd and Betty 1943.

If any other member of the Blakely family has additional details to complete the story of Sgt. Blakely's military service and personal life, I encourage you to contact me.

Special thanks are extended to his sister, Patricia and niece, Leslie for the letters and pictures they kindly provided me in the memory of their beloved brother and uncle, Guy E Blakely.