2LT Edward J O'Rourke (Ted) Birth 05/10/1921 - KIA 04/04/1944

2LT Edward O'Rourke 2Lt Edward O'Rourke was the son of Mr and Mrs John F O'Rourke living at Port Huron MI.
Edward graduated from St Stephen High School in 1939 and attended Port Huron Junior College before going into service in 1942.
Edward enlisted as air cadet in the Army Aircorps at Detroit MI on 04/11/1942. Edward started his training at Kelly Field, San Antonio, TX followed by Harvey Parks Airport, Sikeston, MO. At the Garden City Army Airfield, KA Edward did training on the BT-13.The BT-13 Valiant served almost exclusively as the basic type for all aircrews trained in the U.S. during World War II. By 1945, the aircraft was being replaced with other advanced models and after the war the aircraft was retired.
Edward's training continued at Eagle 2LT Edward O'Rourke Pass AAF, TX till his graduation.
Edward was awarded a medal for aerial gunnery when he was presented his wings at Eagle Pass Army Air Field Texas on June 22, 1943 in Class 43-F. He was now second Lieutenant and graduated fighter pilot.
2LT Edward O'Rourke then took a course as bomber pilot at Biggs Field, El Paso, Tx. Edward was now pilot of a B-24 Liberator and was assigned to the Thieme Crew as Co pilot. He went overseas in November, 1943.
Lt Edward O'Rourke was known to his friends as "Ted". In his last letter he told his family that he was awarded with the "Air Medal" on March 20, 1944.
His sister Grace died the day after his parents got the letter from Louis Lannon that Edward problably was KIA, see the letter from Louis' mother to the mother of James O'Neal here.

Here are 2 pics of Edward and his brother Lt John F. O'Rourke. LT John F O'Rourke served in the Air Corps too. National WWII memorial.
Edward (Ted) on the left.2LT Edward O'Rourke on the right.WWII Memorial

Here a collage done by Mary Lynn the niece of 2LT Edward O'Rourke. Click on the images!
Edward at the Army. 2LT Edward O'Rourke on the right. Edward second from left Edward on the left at Garden City, MO Edward second from the right 2LT Edward O'Rourke on the left. Edward

Other collage with Newspaper clips. Click on the images!

Missing in Action report 15th Airforce is ended Edward O'Rourke is killed in action Air Medal for sons Funeral Services General Marshall Funeral Memorial Tablet Body of Edward send home Memorial services In Memory of LT "Ted" O'Rourke Holly hour. Edward and friends. Young Heroes

Here you can see Ted's grave, his remains were repatriated on demand of next of kin and reburied with full Military honor at Mount Hope Cemetery Port Huron MI on May 27th 1950.The man on the photo is Len Schattler who's uncle SSGT Howard Schattler was also downed 04-04-1944 but survived the War. Also the MACR pages on 2LT Edward J O'Rourke (Ted). And also the articles on the "Port Huron Times Herald" from April 25, 1944 and 26-27 May 1950.
Grave 2LT O'RourkeMACR pageMACR pageApril 25,1950April 26,1950April 27,1950

Here letters to Ted's parents from the other families and one to the Sunderland family.

Letter of the parents of louis Lannon Letter of Frances Belcher Letter parents O'Neal Letter to the Sunderland family.

2LT Edward O'Rourke's name is engraved on the Memorial Tablet at Port Huron, MI.

Memorial at Port Huron.Memorial at Port Huron.Memorial at Port Huron.Memorial at Port Huron.Memorial Wall at Port Huron MI.Memorial Wall at Port Huron MI.

Special thanks to Mary Lynn, Edward and Charlotte O'Rourke for the pics on 2LT Edward O'Rourke they were so friendly to give me. Edward is still remembered in the family O'Rourke. Also special thanks to Len Schattler for taking the photos of Ted's grave.

To be continued if new information found ...