Sgt Carl J Vaagen born Jan 6, 1921 - died Sept 21, 2013

Sgt Carl J VaagenSgt Carl VaagenS/Sgt Carl J Vaagen was from Carpio, ND. Carl was born at home in Plain Township January 6, 1921. His parents were Sam and Amanda Wierson Vaagen. Carl brothers were Orville, Palmer, Severine, Berthel, Earl, John, LLoyd, Harold and one sister Amanda. Carl did Grammar school and graduated in 1935 from the 8th grade at the country school not far from where they lived out in the country, it was in Mayland district Ward County, ND. Carl's Mother died at the age of 50. He enlisted in the Airforce Army at Spokane, WA on Sept 22, 1942, his brother Berthel Vaagen was also in the Airforce on a B-17 (see his B-17 in flight). Carl did training for gunner on B-24 and was assigned to the Thieme crew, 719 th Squadron 449th Bomb group. Mid December 1943 the 449th Bomb Group moved overseas from Morrison Field, FL. Here you can see the route they followed in the movement overseas.Carl was aboard of the "Betty Ann" on the crash over Morroco on December 15, 1943 when severe weather had catastropic effects on the plane. Carl bailed out succesfully but unfortinately broke both of his legs on two place. After this Carl was repatriated to the USA for recovery. Carl is native of North Dakota and is still living in ND. I have found no more information at this time and I'm looking for more on his story. Sgt Carl J Vaagen was not on the fatal mission but was an original member of the Thieme crew and surely did training with them. Time to time Carl still drives a big truck if they ask him to help in the compagny he works before getting retired.

Any addional information on this man is welcome.

Carl J Vaagen with unknownAward from SchoolCarl and his brother BertCarl and his brother Bert

Here more pictures of Carl Vaagen after WWII: https://goo.gl/photos

My special thanks to Mr Carl Vaagen and his niece, Dawn Christianson for the pictures and the help on this research.

Carl passed away on Sept 21, 2013. See below the obituary:

Carl J VaagenCarl J Vaagen , 92, Minot, formerly of Carpio, died Saturday Sept. 21, 2013 at Trinity Hospital. Carl was born January 6, 1921 to Samuel and Amanda (Weirson) Vaagen and was raised and educated near Carpio. He enlisted in the Air force Army at Spokane, WA on Sept 22, 1946. Carl did training for a tail gunner on a B-54 and was assigned to the Thieme Crew, 449th Bomber group. Carl was aboard of the “Betty Ann” on the crash over Morroco on Dec 15, 1943 when severe weather had catastrophic effects on the plane. Carl bailed out successfully but broke both legs on 2 places. After this Carl was repatriated to the USA for recovery. After his time in the service he worked at farms in the area and spent some time in the state of Washington, in 1960 he worked at the Base for Peter Kewitt. In 1968 he worked for H C Smith for some time. He worked for 5 years at the Snake Creek pumping station while it was being constructed. On 4/15/77 he started work at Cenex, now known as Winfield and drove for 35 years receiving many awards for his loyalty and safe driving. In a misunderstanding, he thought they had a retirement part y for him in 1996 at the age of 75. When he didn’t show up for work the next day they called him wondering where he was, he said he thought since they had a retirement party for him that he was done with work, they said it was to celebrate his 75th birthday. Carl worked right up until the spring of 2012 and at the age of 91 he finally retired. December 12, 2012 he was honored with his real retirement party.

He was a confirmed bachelor, brother and uncle that loved to be with his family. To anyone that met him all loved and knew him as Uncle Carl. Too many he was more than that, he was a father figure, and a grandpa one we could turn to for everything. He was our rock, he was always there at any time of need or to simply stop by daily to bring the paper and stop for a visit. In earlier years you could always find him quietly sitting in a rocking chair with a pipe, deep in thought and many times one of the children on his knee. You could always find him at auction sales looking for his latest treasure. If none of the kids could come with him he would be sure to stop by after the sale so we could go through his pickup box to see what he found. Uncle Carl remembered everything and was the family “book of knowledge”. He will be deeply missed.Grave Carl Vaagen

He is survived by brothers Vernon Vaagen, Colville, WA and Harold (Connie) Vaagen, Fort Morgan CO and several nieces and nephews.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Brothers: Orville, Palmer “Bud”, Severien “Sev”, Bertel “Bert”, Earl, Lloyd, and a Sister, Amanda Asbe along with an infant brother and sister.

Funeral Service: Friday, September 27, 2013 at 1 p.m. with visitation one hour prior at Carpio Lutheran Church, Carpio, ND.

Burial: Nazareth Lutheran Cemetery, rural Carpio.