PVT John N.Wold geb. 26/08/1891 - KIA 01/11/1918


John Wold as childJohn Wold was born on August 26, 1891 as Jon Kommandantvold in Røros,The home in Røros. Norway. His parents were Nils Jonsen Kommandantvold and Gjertrud Marie Simensdatter Bukvold, both inhabitants of Røros. On the right a photo of the house where John was born.
Together they had 5 children: Jon (°1888-†1890), John (°1891), Simen (°1894-†1918), Reinholt (°1886) and Magnus(°1897) Kommandantvold. Together with the Kommandantvold family lived the widow Margrete Belgmaker and Ole H. Graadal. 2 months before PVT John fell in battle, his younger brother Simen died on August 30, 1918 as a consequence of the Spanish flew!
John's mother died in 1911, and John emigrated to America shortly after her death. John wrote many letters to his father, some of them are kept by his family. John was very much against the war. His father Nils Kommandantvold lived until 1945, to experience the peace after WWII.

This is the incredible story of the cradle in which John has been lying:

"When I mentioned who had used the old cradle from Røros (in which also John Wold slept Original cradle as a baby), i forgot to tell that even our grandson used it last year - as the first from his generation!

On this picture from October 2013 he had grown to big to sleep in it. I took the picture of Sigurd sitting in he cradle as it was placed in the entrance to be carried out from their appartement in Oslo. Now it is back in our sitting-room (in Stavanger) filled with CDs. We hope for more grandchildren to use it in the future. This little craddle has already a long history, as my grandfather Reinholt was the first to use it in 1886."

This story was told by Ingeborg, great-niece of John.

Some photographs of John with his brothers and friends before his departure to the USA.

Røros was a little, though dynamic city with several copper mines. The mining industry Glenwood february 21 1915 Kornelius Moan (standing) and John Wold sitting.initiated in 1644 and ended in 1977. John’s father Nils worked in the mine in the department where copper was molten.
Røros ( http://www.roros.no/ ) nowadays is a scenic and touristic town in the mountains of the Midlands of Norway, near the Swedish border. There do not live families carrying the Kommandantvold name in Roros anymore. The family adjusted their name in Vold (or Wold)
John Wold painterThe eldest son Reinholdt emigrated to the USA in 1904, where he lived with his uncle.
Reinholdt however came back and settled permanently in Norway since 1910, where he married and had four children.

On this photo John is on the right.

There are aproximately 50 descendants of Reinholdt in Norway.
John Kommandantvold followed the footsteps of his elder brother by emigrating to the USA through Canada after his mother died in 1911.
John was a skilled painter who had the opportunity to work with Kornelius Moan, a former emigrated villager. Kornelius’ painting business was located in Glenwood, Minnesota. John was known as a serious, dedicated and reliable person.John second from right
John wrote very regular letters to his father, brothers and family.
One of the first post cards John sent from Glenwood can be seen here, this one showing a place he worked at for some time.

Right: John in the USA with some Norwegian friends.

There lived many Norwegian emigrants in Glenwood (MN) and John was a very active and loved person in the social life of the village belonging to Pope County.

PVT John N. WoldJohn was requested to conscript (drafted) in the US Army in June 1917 and enlisted on June 28 in “Camp Grant”,where he completed a short training program. Afterwards he was positioned in the 344th Infantry Regiment, 86th Black Hawk Division.John Wold in the USA.
On October 5th, being positioned in France, he wrote a letter to Kornelius informing about his safe arrival in France via England. The exciting crossing to Europe went by very well, without attacks from German submarines. Arrived in Europe, he completed the 148th Infantry Regiment.
In the evening of the 1th of November John was positioned in the Nederename area with other men of his military unit, where they finished their new trenches. John was hit in his visage by a shell fragment and supposedly passed away immediately. When an order needed to be communicated man to man later on, John’s stillness was noticed. At first, he was buried in Nederename(BE), but when later on his body was exhumed to be relocated to Waregem(BE), it appeared that all his John with friends in the USA.identification documents had disappeared.
Therefore, PVT John Wold was initially buried as “Unknown 2808” in Plot B, grave 95 and subsequently in Plot C, grave 143. Accordingly with the definitive construction of the Flanders Field American Cemetery, John was identified on the First of July 1922 due to a letter found in his pocket, which was addressed to him. Since his identification, PVT John N. Wold rests in Plot D, line 04 –grave 19 on the Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial at Waregem (BE).
The Accolade of the New Chivalry of Humanity.On the left a photo of a diploma which the family of John Wold received after his death in WW1, "The Accolade of the New Chivalry of Humanity" was send in 1921 to all families of soldiers who fought and died in WWI. The diploma was kept in the house where the family lived for several generations, and where also John Wold was born. Ingeborg took this photo when she was shown the diploma a few years ago. At that time her uncle John Vold was the ovner of the house. His widow and daughters sold the house 2 years ago.
Recently, the Flanders Field Legion Post BE02 initiated an adoption program and PVT John Wold’s grave was appointed to me. The purpose of my search for photographs and information is learning more about John and to be able to recognize/visualize him when his name appears on the grave or cross. My search was successful through a published article in the local newspaper “Fjell-Ljom” on June 26, 2014 and led me to communication with his grand-nephews and grand-nieces.

John and friend 1915 John and Kornelius Moan 1915Magnus and Simen.

Some documents and a letter written by John.

Brief door John geschreven.

On the 26th of July 2014 Mr. Rune Ask, Reinholdt’s grandson, visited John’s grave and on the 16th of August I was official adopter of PVT John Wold his grave.

Click on the pictures to go to the Picasa albums,on the right a photo of the grave of John's parents in Norway. The Belgian and American flag are these placed in front of his grave at Flanders Field American cemetery and taken to Norway by Rune, grandnephew of John. Rune placed the flags at the grave of PVT John Wold's parents grave in Norway!

Visit of family in 2014 Adoption CertificateNorway - Belgium

Will be updated if new information will be found...

Special thanks to the Pope County Historical Society, Patrick Lernout, Geir Helling,Ståle Lund, Tore S. Falch ans particulary Mr. Rune Ask and his sister Ingeborg for the photographs. Also many thanks to my niece Yalicia Deroubaix for the translation to English.